Paying it forward

What goes around, comes around. So, why not consider tipping the karma scales in your favour when you can?

I’m a big believer in positivity spreading positivity and kindness always coming back to you tenfold – if not immediately, then when you need it most. Kindness costs nothing and sometimes giving a little bit, can make a big difference.

The notion of paying it forward is the perfect example of brightening someone’s day, who really needs it. Or encouraging someone else to keep the chain going and passing on the good vibes to the next person.

Recently, there was a campaign around the country called Do Something Day – a day dedicated to doing nice things for others, big or small. While I love the idea, we don’t just need one day to do this.

A few weeks ago, while I was waiting in the drive through line for my coffee, the lady in front of me paid for my “tall skinny mocha, no cream” coffee.

I was so shocked when the attendant told me, because I didn’t expect it. It instantly made my day and I wanted to do the same for the person behind me.

I asked the coffee man if this was a regular thing and he said it was becoming more common.

There is someone at my coffee shop that regularly pays for three or four coffees, just to spread the love. I’ve heard of people paying for other’s lunch at a restaurant, walking up to another person on the street and giving them flowers or leaving a good book behind after they’ve finished reading it for the next person to enjoy it like they did.

I don’t know if the person behind me in the coffee line paid for the next person, but I hope they did. It’s a small gesture, but one I know I greatly appreciated.

So while paying for another person’s coffee is an easy example to make someone’s day, there are plenty of ways you can spread good karma.

Offer help to someone on the street or lend a hand and carry the shopping for the mum trying to wrangle her three kids. Tell that girl (or guy) that their outfit looks great or remind a friend or loved one how much you appreciate, value and love them.

It doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars – it just has to give you the good feels and pass it on to someone else.

MM xx


Has this happened to you? Or did you do something nice for someone else? Leave me a comment of send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. HJ
    September 8, 2017 / 7:39 am

    Excellent morning read for me…great inspiring words to start my day….xxx H 😊

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